Charles Canning-Smith is an Australian entrepreneur and former CEO of Consumer First, a mobile content company. As current CEO of Chocolate Mobile Ltd, Charles Canning-Smith is in charge of developing mobile technologies including the increasingly popular mobile wallet.

Programs like Google Wallet and Apple Passbook are mobile alternatives to the traditional billfold. While technology is a crucial part of the business landscape, physical transactions still accounted for more than $14 trillion of the $15 trillion spent in retail transactions in 2013. Through the use of mobile wallets, consumers will have deals sent directly to their smartphones, and companies will no longer need to distribute a plethora of physical advertisements.

Both users and advertisers stand to benefit from the use of mobile wallets, and the industry is just getting started. Experts predict that customers soon will be able to use automated mobile wallet beacons at brick-and-mortar store locations to access exclusive deals in-store; additionally, companies will have the ability to reach interested customers based on their purchase histories. 


    As founder and CEO of Chocolate Mobile, Ltd., Charles Canning-Smith leads a globally networked technology firm with offices in Australia, Chile and the UK, and a presence in Latin America, Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia. 


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